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I believe in" WE". I believe in communication, believe in sharing, learning, and developing, together we can create more, challenge more, do more, complete more, and achieve more with our diverse skill sets and collective knowledge.


  • Comme-Il- Faut; upcycled their stock into a re-newed collection. For Comme-Il-Faut I created the concept "It s a match" about equality, where we matched, given clothes of al kind of people with different religion, sexuality, skin colors and working levels.

  • Tararam, a music group that approached me to up-cycle their costumes for their multiple running shows, using upcycled garments that would create a unique yet pactical costumes, that unifies all participants. 

  • Shamel Pitts, dancer and performer who has his' TRIBE' of different artists, where we all have the passion of expression. We are photographers, visual artists, designers, dancers  over the world, who interact, create design and collaborate with him, Shamel goes beyond all 5 senses believing in the uniqueness of interpretation and representation. 


  • Mulla production, from concept to product, a sustainable project for a well known company in the computer field (ethical ,sustainable, transparent and slow) A big potential project with the values i believe in.


  • And you? To join together, collaborating, so that we can achieve more with our knowledge believes and devotion.


Picture by: @hannataieb_photography

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