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Turning from fashion to art is a natural development for me. Completely in line with my philosophy.
While a fashion trend is here for a moment, art stays with us forever. It is eternal, sustainable and valued over time.
My background as a designer, with all its disciplines, gave me the tools to work with the knowledge I gathered.
I am extremely inspired by the sample (toile)  which comes to life by the changes the designer makes  before the final garment.

My upcycled art finds beauty in
the emotional human touch in the design process before a sample becomes a product.
It is that intimate moment that I like to capture as a piece of art.


Cream coat     SOLD
67 x 112cm
stitched patched textile(cotton,canvas,velvet,linen)


Black Coat
67 x 112 cm
stitched patched textile(cotton,velvet,nylon,canvas)


94x103 cm
stitched patched textile (anitique japanese silk ,velvet,synthetic lingery on padded material stitched)


It's All Me
stitched patched textile(cotton,velvet,nylon,leather,polyesther)

For exhibitions and prices, please use the contact info below.

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