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Fashion has a minor impact on our wallets, but massive impact on our world, this is my world and my profession I am loyal, ,activism begins by myself, I fight for my beliefs, for change, therefor I use all my tools (speech, present, teach and share), that enable action for achieving results.

Spreading by interviews, presentations and participating in panels.

  • Interviews national and international like NAU magazine, Green carpet, Style me green, Green prophet, Eco-fashion-talk, Redress, etc.


  • Education - For schools and academies ;Bezalel, Shenkar, Ha Garage and many more.


  • Events - Tv, special events like Earth day, Fashion Revolution and more. For companies like Comme-Il-Faut, Converse and more.

  • Presentation - Creating our own presentations and panels, for example together with Atnyel Guedj.

Stay in touch.

Together we can make fashion beautiful again .

to raise awareness, to take action, 

to find solutions and opportunities for the challenges we face in the fashion industry.

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